Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Present Project

presents from me to Giselle

presents from Giselle to me

Hello dear blogreaders (all 5 of you).... it's been about a month since I last blogged and I'm so glad to be at it again! I want to show you the pretty presents I received form Giselle from

Both of us, along with many others, took part in Angie's Present Project. We were teamed up and everyone had to send each other gifts. It was lots of fun getting to know each other and deciding on what to send. I sent Giselle a handmade leatherbound journal, a crocheted winter bracelet and buttons! She LOVES buttons so I snatched some vintage one's from my grandma's tin...heehee. I also made her a bunny card for Easter.

Giselle sent me some of her lovely handmade jewellery, including a button necklace, button earrings and bracelet. She also made me a very fancy card and wrapped my presents in pretty pink polka-dot paper 
(wow lots of P's!). That's me in the bottom pictures adorned with my new jewellery and wearing my mother's 80's lace top.

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